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Insulation materials and the safety of home appliances

1, Properties of insulating materials The use of insulating materials in household appliances is related to the quality and performance of electrical products, so the important position of insulating materials in electrical products is beyond doubt. There are many types of home appliances, and the requirements for insulating materials are different for each type of …

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What is a mica sheets?

Mica sheets are also named mica plates and mica boards. And sometimes people call thin mica sheets mica paper. Mica sheets are mainly made from glued mica paper, stacked several pieces to spacial thickness, separated by woven glass fiber cloth, then process in the heating press machine into mica sheets.

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What is mica?

Mica is a group of shiny minerals that belong to the classification of sheet silicates and non-metallic minerals, which means that it has a unique layered or two-dimensional sheet structure and is mainly found in metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous rocks. Chemical composition of mica Mica is a natural mineral material with high chemical stability and …

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