Electric Furnace Insulation Mica Material

There are many kinds of thermal insulation materials in the electric furnace, and mica is a good choice, which can withstand high temperatures of 1000 degrees Celsius.

The photo shows thin phlogopite mica sheets after an 850-centigrade fire test. The resin is melting and evaporating, but the mica still keeps a good shape. So mica is a good insulation material for the furnace,

Foundries turn out metal castings of varying degrees of quality. Doing this properly requires that they keep constant temperatures for the process. To try and do this effectively means having the proper insulation to forestall heat loss while additionally protecting individuals operating with intense heat.

Consequently, mica-based insulation materials square measure essential for supporting metalworks processes and sound thermal management.

We manufacture the insulation mica material, we tend to provide a spread of translucent substance laminates and microporous insulation products to help with metalworks processes and protection.

Mica has sure technical blessings for the metalworks and industry. It extends the lifetime of linings by acting as a superior slip plane. this suggests the liner has free movement through enlargement and contraction, reducing the probability of cracks showing.

It additionally works to shield the coil grout and also chamber casting, guaranteeing less stress through free movement, and performing arts a blunder plane performs throughout the relining method.

There also are cost advantages in victimization translucent substance in foundries, as a result of it will improve turnout and relining speeds while reducing the production time and also the potential for the pricey arm to the coil grout.

Our product varies serving and supporting the metalworks and industry including:

  • Slip-Plane: mica with strengthening material, pliable and tough to process to a different shape.
  • Safety-Layer: Fire-resistant and protective coil against the refractory material.
  • Separating-Layer: Barrier and protector
  • Isolation-Layer: Electrical and thermal protection
  • Fastening gasket and washer: Tough and special contraction design for industrial use.
  • Combine with CaSi Paper and ceramic mat. For industrial furnaces and customized products.

The thickness and size:

Thickness: 0.2-3.5mm

Size: Width – 1m, Length: 20m, 25m, 100m, in roll form

Width×length:  1m×1.2m 1m×2.4m, in sheet form

USE Material: Phlogopite mica paper, Synthetic mica paper, Calcined mica paper, glass fiber cloth, high-quality silicon resin, and special layers like ceramic cloth or stainless steel mesh.

Tensile strength is above 300 N/15mm

Temperature: above 800°C even above 1000°C.

Main structure:

Mica Roll for sale
Mica Roll for sale

You will find further technical information with a required Specification data sheet, as well as MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) and lining instructions please contact us at highmica.com

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