Laminated Mica Sheet | How to cut the mica sheet

Mica is an insulator material, that can resist very high temperatures and voltage.

So transparent natural mica book is a very good material but due to the output is very low and the price is very high.

People will make laminated mica sheets as an insulator in heating elements, Our factory is a professional manufacturer of laminated mica sheets in different thicknesses and sizes.

Rigid Muscovite Mica Sheet
Mica Sheet

We use the mica scrap to produce mica paper,

We produce mica paper from mica scrap.


1, Glue the mica paper

2, Stack the glued mica paper and fix each side with a glass fiber cloth to separate 2 mica sheets.

3, after a specially designed heating and pressing process. Then you can see that the worker is tearing the glass fiber from the surface of the mica sheet.

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4, In the last step, the worker will cut the mica sheet then package and export the shipment.

In the next video you can see how to cut the mica sheet in our factory:

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