Mica panel heater

The micathermic heater, mica heater is a popular space heater. The key component is the heating element, the mica panel heater. The mica panel heater is made up of 2 parts, one part is an electrical heating conductor film, which popular is in carbon fiber and graphene, and the other part is a mica sheet as fixed supporting and protecting the part.

mica heater, mica panel heater, micathermic heater
mica heater, mica panel heater, micathermic heater

Micathermic heaters produce both convection heat and radiant heat. Mica panel thickness is 0.8-1.5mm, which is much thinner than other types of heaters.


The mica heater is one of the best space heaters. Mica heater has the following main advantages:

  • First,  it is comfortable when using a micathermic heater.  The mica heater is nearly silent when operating, and it seems don’t dry the air. So it brings people a comfortable feeling and brings warm and people won’t suffer from dry eyes.
  • Second, the Mica heater is very safe. it operates and grill on the mica heating panel. The mica can resist high temperatures of 500~1000°C and up, and also a high voltage of 16 kV/mm. All heating conductor is protected by fire-resistant mica. The protective mask is not very hot, and won’t burn the hands when touching a micathemic heater.
  • Third, The Micathemic heater has a good appearance. It is only about 10 pounds and can move easily. The micathemic heater takes up a small area and has large space utilization. Because it has a flat shape, the heating mica element square meter is large and the heater is thin.

Mica heater panel advantage technology:

  • Expansive temperature range soon from -150°C to a maximum of 600°C.
  • Excellent heater transfer, and heating area tile large of the mica panel.
  • High watt density capability 15.5W/cm2
  • A flexible heating panel is available,  and a customized special shape too.
  • Skillful heating film & mica laminating technology, encapsulation, and clamping technology provide excellent heater response time and stability.
  • Mica panel heater technology is widely used in households, industries, and the military.

Why use the mica sheet for the mica heater?

The mica sheet can resist high-temperature 500~1000°C and resist high voltage 16kv/mm.

Mica can protect the equipment from electric fire.

Our mica sheet has strong mechanical strength and is durable, which can ensure the heating panel’s strength and long lifetime.

We have skillful technology, welcome to your inquiry. We will offer the cost price and wish to do long-term cooperation with you.

mica sheet for mica heater
mica sheet for mica heater

Mica Sheets for Sale:

You can choose what mica sheet you want to buy here.




Standard size


Rigid Mica Sheet



1000*2400mm, 1000*1200mm, 1000*600mm

Excellent flexural strength to punch to mica part for high strength framework of heating, electric heating appliance & equipment

Flexible Mica Sheet

HP5(HP5M-1, HP5P-1, HP5S-1)


1000*2400mm, 1000*1200mm, 1000*600mm

Easy to winding or wrapping, for heating elements, furnace protection

Over thick Mica Sheet

HP5-G (HP5M-G, HP5P-G)


1000*2400mm, 1000*1200mm, 1000*600mm

High density, mechanical strength, suitable for sawing, drilling, grinding, and even by waterjet cutting method

Low Smoke Mica Sheet

HP5-L (HP5M-L, HP5P-L)


1000*2400mm, 1000*1200mm, 1000*600mm

Low smoke and blister-free for FDA heating elements resist high-temperature, like food toasters, microwave oven

Mica Sheet in Roll




Special designed Flexible Mica Sheet in Roll. That is very convenient for furnace use and industrial demand.

Special Mica Sheet

HP5-S (HP5M-S, HP5P-S)


1000*2400mm, 1000*1200mm, 1000*600mm

Insert strength material (steel sheet, woven), get extremely flexible toughness, mechanical strength, the special function for industrial use.

mica sheet for sale

Standard Size: 1000*600mm, 1000*1200mm, 1000*2000mm, 1000*2400mm

M – Muscovite), P – Phlogopite, S – Synthetic, L – Low Smook and blister-free, G – High Resin, High Strength

Welcome the customized design and inquiry.

Mica Sheet Packing & Delivery

Mica sheet packed by PE film, carton box, each box is about 50kgs.

Then about 20 carton boxes/1000kgs mica sheets were fixed in wooden pallets (Size: 1200*1000mm).

Then we have our own truck to send the products directly to Shenzhen Port, Shanghai port…

mica sheet packing

mica sheet packing

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