Mica sheet define

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Why use a mica sheet?

Mica is one kind of insulator material that can resist high temperatures and high voltage and has excellent dielectric strength. And also eco-friendly. So people make mica sheets as electrical insulation material.

Mica Sheets
Mica Sheets

Mica Sheet Define: 

HighMica can produce mica paper from raw mica scrap. Then use the mica paper heating-press method and use high-temperature silicon resin to produce different kinds of mica sheets.

HighMica is certified by ISO9001: 2015, and the mica sheet process is according to GB/T5019 and IEC60371-3-2. So when you consider where to buy mica sheet, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mica sheets for sale:

There’s Different Shape include: Rigid Mica SheetFlexible Mica Sheets (soft mica sheets)

Different kinds of mica sheets can resist different temperatures:

like Muscovite mica sheet (white, gray color) can resist Continual temperature: 500 Centigrade, and Intermittent temperature: 700 Centigrade.

Phlogopite mica sheet (green, yellow gold, brown, amber color) can resist 700-900 Centigrade.

And there’s synthetic mica sheet, that’s super white, that is faux mica sheets, can resist 950 Centigrade.

Different colors include white mica sheet, gray, yellow gold, green, brown mica sheet, amber, black, clear, and transparent mica sheet,

Different production methods: There’s a laminated mica sheet, that’s also the main kind of mica sheet, and has large quantities used in the market.

and there’s another kind of mica sheet that uses a raw transparent mica piece stuck to the raw mica sheet. And this is mainly used in the mica lampshade. That has a very beautiful color and shape for high-class decoration.

You can check the laminated mica production detail here.

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