Mica Sheet for Sale

Many customers may ask for mica sheets for sale. And want to ask where can buy mica sheets.

Higmmica is a super quality mica supplier, we import the mica raw material from India, Madagascar, Africa, and so on.

There are different kinds of mica sheets. we define different kinds of mica sheets by my article in the URL: https://highmica.com/mica-sheet-define.html

We have high-quality mica sheets for sale:

Rigid Mica Sheet HP5

– in excellent properties of thermal & electrical insulation, good mechanical & processable. Used in various heating elements used in household and Industrial appliances. Fire resistance
approved by UL94-0, conform IEC60371-3-3

We supply: Thickness: 0.1-110mm, size: 600×1000mm, 1200×1000mm, 2400×1000mm

rigid mica sheet
rigid mica sheet

Flexible Mica Sheet

, Muscovite HP5M5-1, Phlogopite HP5P5-1 – in excellent properties of thermal & electrical
insulation, flexible & processable. Used in Heating elements, specifically developed to provide an insulation
layer between the working lining and the induction furnace coil of coreless induction furnaces.

We supply Thickness: 0.08-6mm, size: 600×1000mm, 1200×1000mm, 2400×1000mm

flexible phlogopite mica sheet
flexible phlogopite mica sheet

Please contact me for the PDF DATA sheet.

We are the real factory, you can visit our factory via a YouTube video:

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