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How to process Mica Sheet – Youtube Video

This page we suggest the Laminated mica sheet manufacturing process method by youtube video:
Mica Sheet manufacturing process
– STEP 1 –
Gluing the mica papers, use the high-temperature silicon resin glue the mica paper uniformly. And baking in the oven pipe, which helps the resin permeate in the mica paper sufficiently.

– STEP 2 –
Cutting the glued mica paper, the mica paper will cut to different lengths for different heating press machines.
Our largest press machine size is 2400mm. So the glued paper will cut to a length larger than 2400mm.

– STEP 3 –
The engineer and produce manager will calculate the mica paper weight. They also will calculate how many pieces of glued mica paper will stack to the special thickness. Stack glued mica paper, separate by woven glass fiber. Then process in the heating pressure machine.
Press Skillful Technology Heating Pressure Ensure high strength products.

– STEP 4 –
Cutting and packing the mica sheets
Cut to size 1000×600mm, 1000×1200mm, 1000×2400mm, then do package.


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