What is a mica sheets?


Mica sheets are also named mica plates and mica boards. And sometimes people call thin mica sheets mica paper. Mica sheets are mainly made from glued mica paper, stacked several pieces to a special thickness, separated by woven glass fiber cloth, then process in the heating press machine into mica sheets.

The thin mica sheets are mainly used to punch mica gaskets, which can be used as heating wire holders in machines, such as electric hair dryers, microwave ovens, and so on. The thick rigid mica sheet will be CNC processed into mica parts. That has high strength and can resist both high temperatures and high voltage.

Are Mica Sheets for sale?

The Mica sheets include a Rigid mica sheet and a Flexible mica sheet. They used a different kind of silicone resin and Heating-press technology.

And depending on the different kinds of mica raw materials, we can produce different kinds of mica sheets: Muscovite mica sheet, Phlogopite mica sheet, Synthetic mica sheet, and Calcined mica sheet. They can resist different temperatures.

When using the stainless steel sheet as a separate material, instead of the glass fiber cloth, we can make the glossy mica sheet.

There are also over-thick mica sheets, low-smoke mica sheets, and specially designed mica sheets, such as stainless steel mesh inset mica sheets…

Mica Sheet Size

The popular mica sheet size is 600*1000mm, 1200*1000mm, 2000*1000mm, 2400*1000mm. The mica sheet size depends on the heating press machine size. We have press machines that can process the size 2400*1000mm, which can develop production efficiency, save energy, and meet customers’ large size demand. The large size can also be cut into small sizes 1200*1000mm and 600*1000mm for convenient transport.

We also have a heating press machine with a smaller size 1200*1000mm, that can be used to process the thick mica sheet, which needs to be heating pressed for double-time as a normal mica sheet. And they can also be used to process the special mica sheet, such as stainless steel woven mica sheets, synthetic mica sheets, and so on

The mica sheet is a star insulation material for industrial. It can resist high temperatures and high voltage. And in the market, the most popular is the mica sheet produced by the laminated process method, which is to a highly industrialized degree. We have 8 sets of mica paper production lines, 10 sets of mica sheet glue machines, and 4 sets of heating press machines. That can produce 10000Tons Mica Sheet. Our mica sheet is certified by UL (E248686) and in conformity with IEC371-3-3.

How do Mica Sheets work?

Mica sheets work as high-performance thermal and electrical insulation in a broad range of industries such as:

  • USED as supporting insulation for resisting wire,  heating elements in the electric toaster, hairdryer…
  • heating elements for electrical & thermal mechanical equipment
  • construction of induction, arc, or high-frequency furnaces
  • high voltage applications
  • high thermal applications
  • industrial sealing & gasket industries (e.g. oil & gas distribution)

Flexible mica sheet

Flexible mica sheets can be used as the insulation layer, in electric appliances, equipment, furnace, Electric vehicle and so on.

flexible mica sheet

Rigid Mica sheet

Rigid mica sheet is consists of approximately 90% muscovite mica paper, phlogopite mica paper, or synthetic mica paper, impregnated with high-temperature resistant silicone resin.

In the photo, the face gray color is Muscovite Rigid Mica Sheet,  in the middle brown color is Phlogopite Rigid Mica Sheet, and the back white is Synthetic Rigid Mica Sheet.

USED as supporting insulation for resisting wire, heating elements in electric toasters, hair dryers, irons, curlers, electric hot combs, strip heaters, baseboard heaters, and for gaskets and in other appliances and applications where excellent resistance to moisture and thermal, mechanical, and good electrical properties are required.

mica sheet parts
mica sheet parts

How to make a mica sheet?

The process step is as follows:

  • Gluing high-quality muscovite mica paper, phlogopite mica paper, or synthetic mica paper with high-temperature silicon resin.
  • Heating press the mica paper to mica sheets.
  • Cutting the mica sheets to size: 1000*600mm, 1000*1200mm, 1000*2400mm
  • Packing each 50kg mica sheet with PE film, and carton box, then fixing each 1tons mica sheet by wooden pallets.

mica sheet produce process

Mica Sheet Properties

  1. Excellent resistance to heat and even to open flame up to 1000℃.
  2. Excellent electrical insulation.
  3. High resistance to pressure.
  4. Eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Mica Sheets for Sale




Standard size


Rigid Mica Sheet



1000*2400mm, 1000*1200mm, 1000*600mm

Excellent flexural strength to punch to mica part for high strength framework of heating, electric heating appliance & equipment

Flexible Mica Sheet

HP5(HP5M-1, HP5P-1, HP5S-1)


1000*2400mm, 1000*1200mm, 1000*600mm

Easy to winding or wrapping, for heating elements, furnace protection

Over thick Mica Sheet

HP5-G (HP5M-G, HP5P-G)


1000*2400mm, 1000*1200mm, 1000*600mm

High density, mechanical strength, suitable for sawing, drilling, grinding, and even by waterjet cutting method

Low Smoke Mica Sheet

HP5-L (HP5M-L, HP5P-L)


1000*2400mm, 1000*1200mm, 1000*600mm

Low smoke and blister-free for FDA heating elements resist high-temperature, like food toasters, microwave oven

Mica Sheet in Roll




Special designed Flexible Mica Sheet in Roll. That is very convenient for furnace use and industrial demand.

Special Mica Sheet

HP5-S (HP5M-S, HP5P-S)


1000*2400mm, 1000*1200mm, 1000*600mm

Insert strength material (steel sheet, woven), get extremely flexible toughness, mechanical strength, the special function for industrial use.

Standard Size: 1000*600mm, 1000*1200mm, 1000*2000mm, 1000*2400mm

M – Musvocite), P – Phlogopite, S – Synthetic, L – Low Smook and blister-free, G – High Resin, High Strength

Welcome the customized design and inquiry.

Mica Sheet Packing & Delivery

Mica sheet packed by PE film, carton box, each box is about 50kgs.

Then about 20 carton boxes/1000kgs mica sheets were fixed in wooden pallets (Size: 1200*1000mm).

Then we have our own truck to send the products directly to Shenzhen Port, Shanghai port…

mica sheet packing

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