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what is mica | where is mica from | mica special properties

People may ask what is mica, where is mica from?

Mica is one the natural material from minerals. Works explore mica from mineral, some are strip mine, others are deep mine.

Mica is one kind of insulator material can resist high temperature and high voltage has excellent dielectric strength. And also eco-friendly.

Different mine has different kind mica, There are Ruby Mica, High-temperature Ruby Mica, Muscovite Mica, Green Mica, and Phlogopite mica. The chemical formula is different, and temperature resistance and dielectric strength are also different.

People will use mica to produce mica paper, then process to different kind mica products. like mica sheets, mica tapes for cables, mica tape for the motor, mica rolls, mica tubes, mica gasket and so on. That’s eco-friendly and used very extensive in industrials.

HighMica purchases different kinds raw mica scrap from original countries like India, Madagascar, Africa… And separate different quality mica scrap, control the quality and production well, so have a good reputation in mica market.

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