Mica Washer

A Mica washer is a flat circular washer with concentric circular holes, widely used as industrial insulation parts. The mica washer has excellent electrical properties, resists high voltage (16KV/0.1m T), and high temperature (500~1000 C), effectively isolates heat & electromagnetic radiation, has good acid & alkali resistance, and high mechanical strength and abrasion resistance.

Mica Washer
Mica Washer

We offer customized mica washer services

We offer customized mica washer service according to your drawing specifications. Our washers are heat and corrosion-resistant with reliable insulating properties. Through precision manufacturing, we ensure dimensional accuracy and minimize gasket failure.

Mica washers’ normal thickness is 0.3~6mm, they are made from laminated muscovite mica sheets and phlogopite mica sheets. We normally use the CNC machine to process the washers, with a diameter of precise +/-0.2mm

When thickness <2.5mm, and have large qty demand, we will suggest making a mold tool to punch the mica sheet to washers.

Why customers choose us?

  1. 20+ years of manufacturing experience: We have a strong track record of producing high-quality products and offering competitive prices in 24 hours

  2. Timely delivery and continuous improvement: We are committed to meeting customer requirements, delivering on time, and constantly improving our products and services. Some sample can finish in 3 days, after confirm sample, batch order will finish in about 1~2 weeks.

  3. Advanced manufacturing equipment and experienced R&D team: Our advanced equipment and skilled team allow us to control the manufacturing process and product quality fully.

  4. Comprehensive product range and quality assurance: We offer a wide range of mica washer solutions, including specialty washers, and provide a certain level of quality assurance to ensure customer satisfaction.

  5. Unmatched selection and order fulfillment capabilities: We can meet various customer needs and deliver custom products efficiently with two domestic factories and a vast inventory of material to process mica washers immediately.

  6. Expertise in electrical insulation materials: Mica stands out as a superior material for electrical applications, and we have a reputation for supplying high-quality mica products.

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