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fire-resistant mica (2)

Mica Roll for furnace

There are many kinds of material for Furnace. Mica is one kind of good performance insulation material. Mica can resist high temperature: 500-1000 centigrade. The photo shows thin phlogopite mica sheets after 850 centigrade fire-test. The resin is melt and evaporation, but the mica still keeps a good shape. So mica is good insulation material for the furnace, …

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mica roll

Mica Roll Laminates for Industrial furnace

We produce and supply high-quality mica roll  (in roll or sheet form) The Mica Roll is flexible and easy to handle, mica-based, “wall-paper” for induction furnaces. Has the following main functions: Slip-Plane: mica with strengthened material, pliable and tough to process to different shapes. Safety-Layer: Fire-resistant and protect coil against refractory material. Separating-Layer: Barrier and …

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