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Mica Sheet for Sale

Many customers may ask for mica sheets for sale. And want to ask where can buy mica sheets. Higmmica is super quality mica supplier, we import the mica raw material from India, Madagascar, Africa, and so on. There are different kinds of mica sheets. we define different kinds of mica sheets by my article in …

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Mica Sheets

Mica sheets are also named mica plates and mica boards. And sometimes people call thin mica sheets mica paper. Mica sheets are mainly made from glued mica paper, stacked several pieces to spacial thickness, separated by woven glass fiber cloth, then process in the heating press machine into mica sheets.

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Special Designed Mica Sheet

Mica sheet define

Why use a mica sheet? Mica is one kind of insulator material that can resist high temperatures and high voltage and has excellent dielectric strength. And also eco-friendly. So people make mica sheets as electrical insulation material. Mica Sheet Define:  Highmica can produce mica paper from raw mica scrap. Then use the mica paper heating-press …

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Mica sheet for kitchen

Mica Insulation material for the kitchen: Mica is eco-friendly electrical insulation material, and Mica sheets can be designed for kitchen heating equipment, like a microwave oven. mica sheet toaster and so on. HP5 Rigid Mica sheet for heater consists of approximately 90% muscovite mica paper,phlogopite mica paper or synthetic mica paper, impregnated with high-temperature resistant silicone resin. …

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Rigid Muscovite Mica sheet | 0.2-3mm punched process

Rigid Muscovite mica sheet We have different kinds rigid mica sheet, that is Muscovite mica sheet, Phlogopite mica sheet, Synthetic mica sheet. The mechanical strength of the Special design and Heating pressure processed Rigid mica sheet is very high, 150N/mm2. And mica sheet can resist very high temperatures, Muscovite 500-700 Centigrade, and Phlogopite 700-900 centigrade. …

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How to process Mica Sheet

On this page we suggest the Laminated mica sheet manufacturing process method in a youtube video: Mica Sheet manufacturing process – STEP 1 – Gluing the mica papers, use the high-temperature silicon resin to glue the mica paper uniformly. And baking in the oven pipe, which helps the resin permeate in the mica paper sufficiently. …

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