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We produce a wide range of mica products, including mica paper, sheets, rolls, tapes, gaskets, and more. Our insulation materials primarily utilize muscovite mica, phlogopite mica, and synthetic mica, all renowned for their high-temperature thermal and dielectric properties. Muscovite mica can withstand temperatures from 500 to 700℃, phlogopite mica from 800 to 900℃, and synthetic and calcined muscovite over 1000℃.

Additionally, mica’s ability to resist high voltage makes our products ideal for use in electric appliances, induction furnaces, industrial sealing and gaskets, fire-resistant cables, electric vehicles, and other applications.

HighMica is a leading manufacturer of mica products, providing OEM services to industries worldwide. Please contact our sales team to discuss your technical needs, pricing, and any questions you may have.

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Our Products

Mica Sheets

Mica Sheets

There are two kinds of common mica sheets, flexible mica sheets and rigid mica sheets, which have excellent performance in high temperature insulation materials, and are chemical resistant and durable.

Mica paper

Mica Paper

Mica paper includes muscovite, phlogopite, synthetic and calcined mica, and is a continuous roll made of high-quality mica insulation.

synthetic mica tape in pad

Mica Tape

Mica Tape for fire-resistant cable is insulation material made of superior phlogopite mica paper, synthetic mica paper, and calcined muscovite mica tape, impregnated with high-quality silicon resin and backed with reinforcing material, which can resist high voltage and especially high temperature.

mica roll

Mica Roll

Mica Roll is a specially pressed mica product, which is made of Phlogopite mica paper, glass cloth, harmless ceramic fiber, and silicon resin.

Mica Punch Gaskets

Mica Punched Gasket Parts

Define what is mica punched parts? How to use the mica sheet - mica parts? How to cut the mica sheet to mica insulation parts? After getting the mica parts new inquiry. How will we process the mica project?

Mica CNC Machined Parts

Mica CNC Machined Parts

Mica Machined Parts include mica washer, mica spacers, and mica seats. Thickness > 2.0mm mica sheet can be machined like cut, drill, mill, CNC process and so on.

Mica Tubes

Mica Tube

The Rigid Mica tubes are made of high-grade muscovite mica paper or phlogopite mica paper with silicone resin, which has excellent mechanical strength and electrical properties.

mica sheet steel woven

Special Mica Sheets

We produce Smooth Surface Mica Sheet, Mica Sheet with steel is woven, Mica Sheet with glass fiber cloth, Ceramic Mica Sheet, Mica Strip, with stable quality, help to support your exploring new project.

muscovite mica sheet

Mica sheet for kitchen

Mica is eco-friendly electrical insulation material, and Mica sheet can be designed for kitchen heating equipment, like a microwave oven. mica sheet toaster and so on.

mica sheets

Flexible Mica Sheets

The flexible Mica Sheet is bendable insulation material, that resists high temperature and high voltage, the application.Used as heat resistance and insulating parts which need to be flexible and reeled. Used for metallurgy industry equipment, like furnace heating protection material.

mica heater

Mica Panel Heater

Micathermic heater, mica heater, mica panel heater is one of the best space heaters. The key component is the mica panel heater. It is made up of 2 parts, one part is electrical heating conductor film, popular is carbon fiber and graphene, the other part is mica sheet as fix supporting and protect part.

mica roll with ceramic blanket

Mica Roll for Furnance

Mica Roll is made by high-temperature resist phlogopite mica paper, glass fiber cloth and ceramic, Named as wall-paper and specially designed for Industrial furnace. flexible and easy to handle Mica slip planes extend the life of the furnace