Mica Punched Gasket Parts

Mica Punch Gaskets
Mica Punched Gasket Parts

What is mica punched parts?

The mica gasket is made of a rigid mica sheet, which has excellent mechanical strength and electrical properties under normality.

How to cut the mica sheet into mica insulation parts?

When people get the mica sheets, they will process the mica sheet to mica insulation parts.  How to cut the mica sheet then? The process method depends on the mica sheet thickness and the mica insulation parts’ accuracy.

Thickness < 2.0mm can be punched by mold tooling.

Thickness > 2.0mm can be machined like cut, drill, mill, CNC process, and so on.

The mica gasket is made of a rigid mica sheet, which has excellent mechanical strength and electrical properties under normality.

The above video show the laser cutting process method, that’s suit for the all-thickness mica sheet. Also used to make mica gasket samples when the thickness is lower than 2.0mm.

How to use the mica sheet – mica parts?

After processing the mica sheet into mica insulation parts, we can use mica gaskets insulation for home appliances, welding machines, lighting rods, electrical heating elements, and so on

People can fix the high-voltage conductor on the tooth of parts, through the hole on the hole of parts… the mica can resist the high voltage, and especially has excellent performance after the conductor temperature goes to even 500-900 centigrade.

 Why purchase mica sheets from a Chinese supplier?

We are a real factory and our mica sheet has good properties:

  • High-temperature insulation
  • High dielectric strength
  • Excellent mechanical strength for durable industrial elements.
  • Provide customized process design, and ensure the mica is not laminate and broken when processed.
  • Width:1000mm, length<2400mm, thickness: 0.1-100mm

We can also cut the mica sheet into parts in our factory.

When parts thickness < 2mm, we punch process size tolerance: +/-0.1mm

When parts thickness > 2mm, process size tolerance: +/-0.2mm

How to process the mica project?

After getting the mica parts new inquiry. We will process the project in the following steps.

Step 1: Mica Sheet Sample

(Unprocessed mica sheet in A4 size):
The mica sheet sample is free. That is used to test the mica sheet properties, appearance, and thickness

Step 2: Mica Part Sample

(Processed as customized design):
Need a few tool fees to make the mica part sample as customized demand. We will use the confirmed mica sheet to make the sample. And that needs about 1 week to finish it.

Step 3: Make Mica Part Mould Tool for large QTY:

We need about 2 weeks to finish the mold tool according to the approved sample. At the same time, we will finish the mica sheet. Then once the tool is finished, we will process the mica sheet into mica parts.

As a reliable supplier,  we will do the quote and the process file introduction clearly once get your inquiry.

Note: It is normally there a smell when using the heating equipment for the first time. After that, it will be in good condition.

Also, there are specially designed Low Smoke Mica Sheet supplies.

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