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Mica Tubes
Mica Tubes

A Mica tube is a kind of tubular product made of mica material, which is usually made of high-quality muscovite mica paper or phlogopite mica paper bonded with silicon resin. Compared with traditional ceramic tubes, mica tubes have the advantages of good insulation, high strength, high precision, high-temperature resistance, not fragile, and small dimensional tolerance.

Mica tubes are mainly used in power equipment and electrical insulation materials and can be used as protective layers for wires, cables, and insulators. It has excellent insulation performance and high-temperature resistance, which can effectively isolate current and prevent unsafe events such as arc, current leakage, and fire. At the same time, mica tubes can also be used to manufacture high-temperature furnaces and heating elements in the glass industry, which has important application value.

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Mica tubes are made of muscovite mica or phlogopite,  mica tubes can resist high temperatures and high voltage. The mica tubes have the following features:

1. High-temperature resistance

Mica tubes can be used in high-temperature environments, can resist temperatures as high as 1000 ℃, and are suitable for insulation and heat insulation of high-temperature equipment.

2. Corrosion resistance

Mica tube has strong corrosion resistance, can resist the erosion of acid, alkali, salt, and other corrosive media, and maintain its stable performance.

3. Electrical insulation properties

Mica tubes have good electrical insulation properties and can be used as insulating materials for electrical equipment to effectively protect the safe operation of electrical equipment.

4. Heat insulation performance

Mica tube has good heat insulation performance, can prevent heat conduction, and is widely used in heat insulation layers of high-temperature equipment.

5. Low thermal expansion

The thermal expansion coefficient of the mica tube is low, which can keep the shape stable when the temperature changes and it is not easy to deform or crack.

6. Good mechanical strength

Mica tube has good mechanical strength and can be processed. Mica tubes can be cut to different lengths, drill holes, or other shapes. When you have a special design demand, please send us the design file, we can process it according to your customized demand.

Custom process steps

The mica tube customized processes generally include the following steps:

1. Confirm specifications

Customers need to provide detailed specifications such as length, inner diameter, outer diameter, thickness, and material of mica tubes.

2. Material selection

According to the customer’s requirements and actual application, select the suitable mica material. Normally we need to send us the temperature resist demand, we will suggest muscovite mica and phlogopite mica.

3. Glue mica paper

After confirming the mica tube size and material, our mica sheet glue machine will make the glued mica paper. The mica paper width is about 1010mm, and the normal mica tube length is 1m.

4. Mica Tube Mold

The mica tubes are made on the mold, the mold’s outer diameter fits the mica tube’s inner diameter. We have many stock of different sizes of molds. When you have a new demand, please tell us, and we will check the stock, then offer the price and finish time

5. Make Mica Tube & Back

Roll the glued mica paper on the tube mold tightly, and knead the mica tube to the tight structure. Then pull out the mold from the mica tube and put the mica tube back in the oven. 

6. Quality Inspection & Packing

Inspect the mica tubes’ quality, including testing of appearance quality, dimensional accuracy, bending strength, and other indicators. Then packing the mica tube safely for transportation.

Common Mica Tubes

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