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mica sheet | for microwave oven | gasket material

Process the mica sheet to the gasket material for the microwave.

Mica sheet for microwave oven has the excellent electrical insulation property and high mechanical strength, so when using the mold tool pouched mica sheet (thickness 0.3-2.5mm) to the different designs gasket material. Then the mica sheet gasket material can be used as the holder material in the Microwave oven. Following photo shows the mica sheet parts for a microwave oven and other electrical heating equipment.

mica sheet parts

mica sheet parts

How to use the rigid mica sheet gasket material in the microwave oven?

The high-quality mica sheet (thickness 0.3-2.5mm) should be punched to different shape mica parts, have held, notch…

Then fix the metal conductor on the mica parts.

How do the mica sheet works?

When electrical current conveyance metal conducter, the conducter will has very high voltage, high temperature and even fire breaking out.

That demand conducter’s holder material – mica gasket material has good machenical strength, when in high voltage and high-temperature operation status.

The mica sheets  have good properties as following:

Excellent flame-resistance, have good performence at temperature 500`1000 centigrade.

Good dielectric strength, the high voltage resistance is 20kv/mm

Good machenical strength and toughness, good for machine process the special desgin in the microwave oven and other kinds of electrical heaters.

Eco-friendly, asbestos-free, smokeless or seldom.

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