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Synthetic Mica Tape

Synthetic Mica Tape introduction

Synthetic Mica Tape for fire-resistant cable is insulation material made of superior synthetic mica paper, impregnated with high-quality silicon resin and backed with reinforcing material, can resist high voltage and especially high temperature.

We use pure high-quality synthetic mica produce mica paper and mica tape in our own factory, that can provide high-quality mica tape, resist temperature 950℃ and up.

Mica Tape Features:

  1. Excellent insulating property.
  2. High temperature is resistant.
  3. Flexible, high tensile suit for high-speed cable manufacturing.
  4. Eco-friendly, Free of toxic gases in a fire.
  5. Pass IEC60331 & BS6387 fire resistant standard test for high-quality cable.

Have at least 3 hours excellent electrical insulation at Temperature more than 850℃ and Voltage more than 1.0KV, with no breakdown.

mica paper

Mica Tape Structure:

STRUCTURE: High-quality mica paper bonded to an electrical grade glass fiber cloth (G type) as the reinforcing material, impregnated with a specially selected high-temperature resistant silicone resin.

mica tape structure

Mica Tape Usage

MICA TAPE is used as a fire-resistant layer between conductors and out sheath. They are suitable for all essential and emergency system, including power and control cable, that must maintain good property and function during and after a fire.

wire structure 1

Mica Tape for Fire-resistant Wire & Cable

ProductsTypeNormal Thickness (MM)Total SubstanceRefractory standard
Calcined Muscovite mica tape with single side Glass fabric
CM80G320.100±0.015135±11BS6387-2013 GB/T19216.31-2008 IEC60331
CM100G320.120±0.015158±11BS6387-2013 GB/T19216.31-2008 IEC60331
CM120G320.140±0.015180±14BS6387-2013 GB/T19216.31-2008 IEC60331
CM160G320.160±0.015135±13BS6387-2013 GB/T19216.31-2008 IEC60331
Phlogopite mica tape with single side Glass fabric
P80G320.100±0.015127±11BS6387-2013 GB/T19216.31-2008 IEC60331
P100G320.110±0.015148±11BS6387-2013 GB/T19216.31-2008 IEC60331
P120G320.125±0.015172±11BS6387-2013 GB/T19216.31-2008 IEC60331
P160G320.140±0.015216±14BS6387-2013 GB/T19216.31-2008 IEC60331
Phlogopite mica tape with Double sides Glass fabric
P140GD420.145±0.02202±13BS6387-2013 GB/T19216.31-2008 IEC60331
P160GD420.160±0.02225±13BS6387-2013 GB/T19216.31-2008 IEC60331
Phlogopite mica tape with Glass fabric and Film backed
P140GF460.145±0.02203±12BS6387-2013 GB/T19216.31-2008 IEC60331
P160GF460.160±0.02226±13BS6387-2013 GB/T19216.31-2008 IEC60331
Synthetic mica tape with single side Glass fabric
S80G320.100±0.015125±11BS6387-2013 GB/T19216.31-2008 IEC60331
S100G320.110±0.015148±11BS6387-2013 GB/T19216.31-2008 IEC60331
S120G320.125±0.015173±11BS6387-2013 GB/T19216.31-2008 IEC60331
Synthetic mica tape with Double sides Glass fabric
S140GD420.150±0.02202±13BS6387-2013 GB/T19216.31-2008 IEC60331
S160GD420.170±0.02225±13BS6387-2013 GB/T19216.31-2008 IEC60331
Synthetic mica tape with Glass fabric and Film backed
S120GF460.130±0.02181±13BS6387-2013 GB/T19216.31-2008 IEC60331
S140GF460.145±0.02203±13BS6387-2013 GB/T19216.31-2008 IEC60331
S160GF460.160±0.02226±13BS6387-2013 GB/T19216.31-2008 IEC60331

Mica Tape Supply Form

mica tape supply form

mica tape supply form

Synthetic Mica Tape DATA Sheet

CommoditySynthetic mica tape with single side glass fabric
Synthetic mica tape with double sides glass fabric
Synthetic mica atpe with glass fabric and film backed
Item CodeS80G32S100G32S120G32S160G32S140GD42S160GD42S140GF46S160GF46
Thickness (mm)0.10±0.0150.11±0.0150.125±0.0150.14±0.0150.145±0.020.16±0.020.145±0.020.16±0.02
Total Substance (g/m2)125±9148±9172±11216±11202±13225±13203±12226±13
Mica Content (g/m2)80±3100±3120±5160±5140±5160±5140±5160±5
Glass Content (g/m2)24±332±332±332±342±442±425±225±2
Film Content (g/m2)~~~~~~18 218 2
Bond Content (g/m2)13±316±320±324±320±423±420±323±4
Dielectric Strength (kV/layer)> 1.1> 1.3> 1.4> 1.5> 1.6> 2.0> 3.0> 3.0
Tensile Strength (N/cm)> 100> 120> 120> 120> 150> 150> 160> 160
Temperature Resistant (≥)950℃950℃950℃950℃950℃950℃950℃950℃

Mica Tape Package

mica tape package